Getting on the Field

I wish I had all the answers.

Maybe you’re like me, some days wearing regret for my shortcomings and failures as a father like a trenchcoat while jogging on the sun, and other days feeling I own the sun and it’s brilliance when I get something right. The truth is, no matter whom you are, being a father is a challenge.

Regardless of where on the Dad spectrum between hero and chump that you really are, being a great father requires work. Good role models, bad role models, NO role models… everything changes and we all start at square one when the Lord blesses us with child.

I am the father of three terrific sons. Loud, beautiful, smelly, caring, brutal, clever, raging and loving young men. At 8, 11, and 19 years of age they stretch my imagination and my patience in every way possible. Without knowing it (most of the time) they challenge me each day to be a better steward of this gift, this opportunity. I’ll tell you what though – I’m in. I’m going to continue to take the field for this gladiatorial battle. With the victories and defeats, with the scars and triumphs I will get better and I will not quit. Because they are worth it.

Perhaps I don’t really wish I had all the answers to conquering the fatherhood challenge. After all, what then would I learn? How then could I grow towards the man God would have me be?

Maybe you have some of the answers? I’m hoping so. Whether you are a father today, a grandfather, a mentor or just someone with heart and wisdom about family life, my wish is that we can learn from each other by sharing some of the day-to-day fatherhood challenges. There are stories, oh so many stories. Fathers, suit up. I challenge you to join me. It’s GO time.